Target to bring 2450 ha under micro-irrigation

Joint Director of Agriculture C Chinnasamy said that the micro-irrigation project is being implemented in the current financial year with a target of 2450 hectares for the benefit of all farmers in the Erode district.

He further stated in a press release: Under this scheme, small farmers can avail 100 per cent subsidy up to a maximum of Rs. 42,781 per acre and other farmers can avail up to 75 per cent subsidy up to 12.5 acres.

As the demand for water for agriculture is increasing, it is must to use water economically. It is possible to cultivate a large area with less water through micro irrigation facilities such as drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation and rain gun irrigation.

Thus, water can be saved up to 70 percent. Micro-irrigation with water-soluble fertilizers reduces the cost of fertilizers, prevents unwanted weeds near the roots of crops, reduces soil compaction and aerates the soil.

In addition, farmers who got power connection for pumpsets, and join the micro-irrigation scheme, will be given a 50 per cent subsidy for works such as electric motors or diesel pump sets, PVC pipes for carrying water for irrigation and ground water tanks under the scheme of ancillary water management activities.

In addition, a 50 per cent subsidy will be provided for digging borewells or tubewells to farmers in the seven firkas of Sivagiri, Poonthurai, Gobichettipalayam, Kugalur, Vaniputhur, Bargur and Kudiyalathur, which are safe in having groundwater reserves.

Therefore, interested farmers can approach the offices of the Assistant Directors of Agriculture, with documents related to their land, including chitta, adangal, topographic map, ration, Aadhar cards and passport size photograph, to get the aid, he added.

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