Tamil Nadu govt should be vigilant!

More than two lakh people have been vaccinated in two days each during the last week alone.

But there was no sufficient supply of doses from the central government.

As of April 18, there were just 4 lakh doses of vaccines available.

It was after the Tamil Nadu government alarmed that it would get over in two days, the centre had sent an additional one lakh Covaxin drugs.

It had also ensured that an extra 2 lakh doses would be sent immediately.

This minimal supply of vaccine drugs is like quenching a person’s severe thirst with just one drop of water.

Hence the central government should adhere to the demand of the Tamil Nadu government and send the 20 lakh doses that are needed.

It has to send even more if needed as it is the only way to protect the people from coronavirus.

But the fact is that the government is running short of Remdesivir, which is the drug given to those infected by the virus. 

A few companies that produce Remdesivir have just reduced the prices of the medicine to a considerable extent.

The seven companies in India are capable of producing 38 lakh, 80 thousand Remdesivir doses.

The central government should provide financial aids to these companies to widen up their production.

If needed, they should be sought from foreign countries as well.

Similarly, the Government of Tamil Nadu should also be vigilant that the state should not fall short of oxygen. 

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