Surveillance cameras linked with UPS at counting centers

To deal with power outages at counting centers, UPS kits were arranged and connected with the surveillance cameras at the IRTT engineering college, where EVMs of Erode East, West, Modakkurichi, Perundurai, Bhavani and Anthiyur segments were kept and also at the Gobi Arts College where EVMs of Gobi and Bhavanisagar constituencies were kept.

These complexes have 3 layers of police security, having 500 police and 16 CCTV cameras per block, totalling 128 cameras. Candidates, their agents, and police are monitoring the video recordings of the respective block on the television screen.

Two days back, heavy winds, rain, lightning and thunder in the area led water seepage which hit the functioning of the camera.

As a result, the recording of more than 16 cameras could not be seen. The problem was immediately rectified on the next day.

In the meanwhile, high winds and rain, power outages occurred daily. So, the UPS was arranged in the two counting centers to ensure uninterrupted power supply to the cameras, lights etc in both the colleges.

So, hereafter, power outage or hurricane will not affect the video transmission and lighting. This was confirmed by the District Administrator C. Kathiravan in the presence of candidates and their agents.

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