Summer is going to be severe

The ancient Harappan civilization bears testimony to the deep knowledge of the people, who lived there 5000 years ago, about hydro-engineering and their efficient management of ground water.

The number of tanks, lakes and other water sources created by our ancestors across the country realizing the importance of water speaks a lot about their far sighted vision. But it seems we have lost our way during the last 100 years.

There is no better method to save the precious water other than rainwater harvesting. If we harvest 80 per cent of the rainwater in 100 square metre area, we can save 48000 litres of water every year.

It is necessary to regulate and control the use of ground water. The free supply of power to the farm sector is one of the prime reasons for the excessive use of ground water according to many studies.

The pumping out of ground water in excess of the required quantity and its wastage should be prevented. Steps like cutting down the raising of water intensive crops, preservation of water sources and monitoring the commercial use of ground water should be initiated.

The coming summer season is going to be severe and the symptoms are there. The water requirement by agriculture, building activity, industries, domestic use etc is going to be severely affected.  We should understand that every drop of water is precious. Let us be prepared to face the summer crisis.

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