Study reveals majority women do not know about cervical cancer

An UGC sponsored research study on cervical cancer, conducted by the Kongu Arts and Science College Bio-Chemistry Department HoD Dr AK Vidya, suggested to the Centre and State government to arrange compulsory medical check up for all women in the nation at least once in 2 years to detect cervical cancer as many of them did not know about the seriousness of the disease..

Talking to Afternoon, she said that the UGC offered Rs 3.22 lakh for the study which covered various aspects of the disease for more than 1 year and the study was sent to the UGC.

Shockingly, the study revealed that majority women, even educated, did not know about the seriousness of the disease.

Around 95 percent of the disease is caused by the Human papillomaviruses (HPVs 16 and 18) and it could spread from men’s body to women and genetic problem.

Personal unhygienic condition, early marriage, multiple deliveries, tobacco products usage etc are other reasons.

As per the 2008 report, over 1.75 lakh women in the nation suffered with the disease every year and 73000 died every year.

The number would be more now due to rise in population. Of the total number of cases, 27 percent were cervical cancer.

In fact, cervical cancer cases are much high all over the nation than any other cancer.

Though a vaccine is available and could be applied from 13 to 20 years of age (before marriage), many do not aware of it.

Many could not know that they are afflicted with the disease because there would be no symptom of it. So, only at the 3rd stage, when the survival rate is much low, many know about the problem.

But, if one undergoes pap smear test once in 2 years, after marriage, she could know the problem at the initial stage itself and start getting treatment.

The tests are done free of cost in the PHCs itself, but many due to social stigma, shyness, hesitation, averts such test.

So, the WHO and gynecologists suggested that the tests could be done without informing the women coming for various other diseases for treatment.

If the test indicates cancer, then, treatment can be started. One can undergo HPV test, the next stage of testing, after the age of 30-40 which could reveal the disease in clear cut way and help one to get due remedy.

Then, the test could be conducted through colposcopy which could confirm the disease if the person is afflicted with it.

In the I and II phase, the cancer could be treated as it could not spread to other parts of body.

But, in III phase, it could spread to other organs also. So, it is difficult to get cured.

At the initial stage itself, the women should understand the problem by undergoing pap smear test which is a simple and cost effective process.

Hence, the Government should create more awareness on the issue among the women all over the nation to save many lives, she concluded

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