Students should not be forced to attend special classes: Coimbatore CEO

The Coimbatore Chief Education Officer has warned school teachers not to force students to attend special classes.
In this connection, the circular sent by CEO Geetha to all the schools and teachers in the Coimbatore district states, “Guidelines have been issued for the protection of students and the safety of girls in all types of schools in the Coimbatore district. Accordingly, school administrations should be familiar with the details of drivers, conductors and cleaners working in their respective schools.

It is mandatory to appoint conductors on every bus. If it is a girl students’ bus, a female conductor must be appointed. The school must first install surveillance cameras on the buses and ensure that they are working well. Schools should obtain full details of the students coming to school by private vehicles and maintain them in a separate register.
The school principal and administration members must leave the school only after they have confirmed that all students were safely sent home by 5.30 pm after the end of special classes. Schools should employ teachers with appropriate academic qualifications.

All teachers should be made aware of sexual abuse and the protection of girl children. Teachers’ attendance records should be properly maintained. If anyone resigns, a copy of the resignation order and affidavit must be maintained at the school. The administration should ensure that female teachers are present when conducting online classes for female students”.

The officer also highlighted that students should not be forced to attend special classes. The statement further stated that the schools must obtain a letter of approval from the parents for attending special classes and maintain it on file. “Complaints committees must be set up and complaint boxes have to be placed in schools.

Details of complaints received should be reported immediately to the Children’s Help Desk and the Office of the CEO. It includes recommendations to hold appropriate awareness meetings to ensure the safety of girl children,” the statement added.

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