Students explain benefit of using parasite in sugarcane crop

Many students led by Gobi assistant director of agriculture V Jeevathayalan, explained the ryots of Thottipalayam village near Gobi on the benefits of using parasites to control intercrop worm in sugarcane.

Under the rural agriculture training experience programme, the students of Vanavarayar Agricultural College- Abinaya, Alabama, B, Akshaya. S, Panuloshini, Paranipriya, Deepavisni, Deepika, Tanya, Divyasree and Fathima Barha-explained the biological protection method of sugarcane.

An egg parasite called Trichogramma kylonis can be used to naturally kill the intercrop worm which reduces the yield of sugarcane.

The impact of the worm is seen from 4 month old crop to till the harvest. The worm then burrows into the interstitium of the cane and eats what is inside.

The remains of this worm can be found in the hole and near the hole. Affected cane is found with very shortness. Trichogrammaton injects eggs into the nucleus accumbens. Thus the egg of the mesentery dies.

This can prevent the cane from being affected by the worm.

Farmers can use 1 cc (1 cc) of eggs per acre. Farmers can benefit from using this method.

The parasite can be obtained from the government parasite breeding centre at Gobi, they added.

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