Strict action is needed to curb cockfights

A rooster killed its owner with a knife during a cockfight.

Though there has been a ban on cockfight throughout the country, it still continues to happen in the rural areas which sadden us.

Hence the social activists insist that the centre should urge the state governments to intensify the ban.

The cockfights are being conducted illegally in many states in India. The owners of the roosters gather in places that lay hidden from the police surveillance and bet several lakhs of rupees on the roosters.

For this fight, knives will be tied to the roosters’ legs. When two birds fight with each other, severe injuries would happen due to the knives. It may even lead to the death of the roosters.

Last week, a gang in Utnoor of Karimnagar district in Telangana conducted an illegal cockfight.

More than 16 people participated in it. During that time, a man was tying sharp blades to the legs of his rooster and the bird tried to flee.

When he tried to catch the bird, the knife that was attached hurt his groinal region and inflicted serious injuries.

This created severe blood loss and he was rushed to the hospital. Later he died because of heavy blood loss.

Many incidents like clashes and even murders happen because of cockfights across the country. Though such drastic incidents happen hither and thither, the police are not taking any serious action.

They ignore on the grounds that these fights take place only in the rural areas.

Now that a man has lost his life in the cockfight, the centre should intervene and urge the state governments to intensify the implementation of the laws.

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