Stress among adolescents on the rise in India:Anna Varsity V.C


India is witnessing increased stress among the adolescent children due to various reasons.

Statistics indicate that one in four children suffer from a behavioral disorder said Professor M.K.Surappa, Chancellor, Anna University Chennai.

Delivering speech at a seminar on adolescent wellness held at alumni club of Anna University on March 28 with adolescent children, their parents and teachers, Mr.Surappa said, “Abrupt ending of lives is the second leading cause of death among children.

Research shows that, approximately 90 percent of people who died due to abrupt ending of lives, were suffering from a mental illness at that time”.

“The most common mental illness reported was depression. Behaviour problems ranging from, occasional angry outbursts to constant irritability or inconsolable worry to significant fears related to exams, excessive gadget use and much more, lead to depression,” he said.

Sri.Srinivasan Lingeswaran, Managing Trustee, Global Welfare Foundation said Global Welfare Foundation that organised the programme said his orgaanisation was partnering with The Breakfast Revolution in an ambitious project to fight against malnutrition in Tamil Nadu where 11 in 2 children in India is malnourished and 5 in 10 girls are anemic. 8 out of 10 children are hungry all morning.

Almost 8 lakh yearly child deaths in India can be prevented with some help.Speakers were mental health experts will attend the seminar and create the awareness.

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