Storytel launches T.Janakiraman’s Mogamul in audio format

As an ode to author T Janakiraman’s centenary year, Storytel announced the release of his critically acclaimed book “Mogamul” in audio.

Narrated by GG, D Ravishankar and Balaji V, leading dubbing artists,
The movie was adapted into a feature film in May 1995.

Mogamul is a love story, written in the 1960s and totally ahead of time. Man’s weakness and strength have been fully depicted in this acclaimed novel.

According to one the narrators, Balaji Venugopal “Mogamul Narration, is one magical experience in my life.

Everytime I start reading I get teleported to the streets of Kumbakonam.

Thi Ja, the legend at his best, which has stood the test of time and will be here to stay for the years to come. They say God is in detail. Mogamul is the temple of detailing.

Thanks to Storytel, I am elated to be a narrator of this epic.

”Link to the book:-

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