Statue of Krishna found in the LBP canal

Fishermen found a metal statue of Lord Krishna in the Lower bhavani Project canal.
The canal passes through Bhavanisagar next to Satyamangalam in Erode district.

Fishermen in the area were fishing regularly. As heavy object was trapped in the fish net, they dragged it and found that it was a silver plated idol of Krishna. VAO Silambarasan informed the police about this.

The Revenue Department rushed to the spot, recovered the statue and handed it over to Satyamangalam tahsildar Ravi Shankar.

Examination of the statue confirmed that it was a 4.60 kg ordinary metal Krishna statue and not an ancient one.
Police said the idol, which was kept at home, may have been thrown into the canal. Ravi Shankar said the recovered statue would be handed over to an archaeologist.

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