Statewide night curfew

While the entire country is hit by the severe surge in COVID cases, the number of deaths is also increasing day by day.

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, Union Ministers, MPs, MLAs are also no exception. So people fear that there might be a possibility for a nationwide curfew.

While the state economy of Tamil Nadu is just reviving back to normalcy, the announcement of night curfew will create a huge impact on the daily routine of the people.

When there is no production during the night, there will be a recession in the business.

Many might lose their job because of this.

The income of the industrial sector will face a major blow.

Likewise, people also will suffer since the shops and hotels are closed at night.

Because people who work during the day will go shopping and to hotels only during the night.

For those workers who travel long distances will not be able to return due to the lack of transport facility during the night time.

Since most of the freight transportation happens during the night, people feel that it will be better if the government reconsiders the announcement of the night curfew.

Instead, the ways to control the rapid spread can be sorted out.

Severe action must be taken against those who do not follow the social distance.

The test for coronavirus and vaccination must be intensified.

If someone is tested positive for coronavirus, 30 people who are in contact with the infected person must be found out within 3 days and should be tested.

As expected, the night curfew was announced by the government along with an additional restriction of complete lockdown on Sundays.

The majority of people who will be severely affected by the curfew feel that the government should turn its focus towards curbing the rapid spread of the virus rather than intensifying the restrictions.

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