SP hands over lost cell phones

Coimbatore district police have recovered lost mobile phones and handed them over to the right owners.

The police team led by ADSP Suhasini recovered the lost cell phones on the orders of Coimbatore District Superintendent of Police Selvanagarathinam.

They were placed in the office of the District Superintendent of Police today and handed over to the respective owners. A total of 141 cell phones have been recovered.

Speaking then, SP Selvanagaratnam said, “The Coimbatore District Police has launched an effort to register the CSR and recover it after receiving complaints about lost cell phones across the Coimbatore district.

Last month, 125 cell phones were recovered and handed over to the owners.

This was followed by 347 complaints pending. Of these, 141 cell phones have now been recovered and handed over to the concerned owners”.

The SP added that finding lost cell phones can be a daunting task.

This can cause time delays. “But if the cell phone is lost, you can immediately lodge a complaint at the nearest police station or at the Cybercrime wing at the SP office.

We have also recovered cell phones that were lost two years ago.

According to comments made by those who lost their cell phones, it is known that they were careless.

So be careful in public places. We have raised awareness among the cell phone shop owners, to inform if the same person repeatedly brings cell phones for sale,” he said.

He also said that complaints regarding the lost cell phones could be lodged through the ‘Digi-Cop’ mobile application.

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