Sorrowful hearts

It is very disheartening to see the children of nurses who are isolated because they work in the corona ward, are crying without being able to understand the reasons why the mother is not lying next to the child.

It is miserable to witness the children telling their mothers who refrain from coming near to the child, “Mom! Please let me touch you at least once.”

Those who serve to that extent are not just front line staff, but they are true warriors just like the soldiers who work for the defence.

Soldiers risk their lives to protect the country.

But they are the ones who are protecting us from the pandemic by being held hostage by the corona.

All the frontline workers will for sure long for a situation where they would be released from this grip of COVID 19.

But day by day the impact of the corona is exacerbated by the people who refuse to stay away.

How bad will they(healthcare workers) suffer on seeing this? Are we thinking about this for a moment? Had we thought about it, would we feel proud that sales in liquor stores are peaking just like the corona peaked? – Liquor is selling for Rs 428 crore in a single day.

We witnessed the people who flocked to buy bottles of wine.

No pre-warning, no mask, no social distance, no worry about the corona.

They don’t care about anything.

The only concern is getting enough bottles of wine.

As long as there are people like these who never change, we will have to repent.

But the front-line employees who put their lives at stake for these kinds of people are pathetic.

The 14-day curfew is in effect.

Coronavirus will go into exile if all the people go into exile from outside and stay indoors like that of the Pandavas who went into exile into the forest.

This is what the government and the frontline workers fighting corona patients are asking for in tears.

This is not just to save us.

Just so that others can be protected from us.

Will we be idle if someone causes danger for us? But what happens now? We endanger many.

Many of us are in danger.

Keep in mind that this is not fair in any way.

The only truth is that not every one of us is attacking directly.

But the reality is that we attack and destroy each other through the corona that infects everybody.

So it is our duty to take care that the coronavirus does not infect our body.

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