Someone like that?

A young man who saw the helicopter being made in the movie accidentally died while trying to make it.

Ibrahim, 24, who watched the movie 3 Fools, learned how to make a helicopter by watching it on YouTube.

He then assembled the materials needed to make the helicopter, including the Maruti 800 car engine and made the helicopter after 2 years of effort.

On the 10th, he sat in the pilot’s seat of the helicopter he had built and started flying.

Then one wing shattered on the other wing. A broken part of it cut the throat of Ibrahim.

Ibrahim collapsed immediately and throbbed in a pool of blood. He was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital. But on the way, Ibrahim died.

The incident in which the young man who created and operated the helicopter died was a tragedy.

Those people nearby were stunned on hearing about this peculiar personality.

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