Snags in CCTV cameras in counting centre set right

The CCTV cameras, which were malfunctioning due to strong winds and rain on Monday night, were immediately repaired in the area where the electronic voting machines (EVMs) were kept at the IRTT Engineering College, Chithodu, near Erode.

The College has EVMs of 6 Assembly segments namely Erode East, Erode West, Bhavani, Anthiyur, Perundurai and Modakkurichi.

There are 96 cameras set up at a rate of 16 cameras per block and monitored on a huge TV screen.

Each constituency is monitored by the candidates agencies and revenue department staff.

In this situation, strong winds and rain on Monday night, the water coming from the camera to the TV and the connections were disrupted from Monday night.

Apart from that, the barricades and barriers were also tilted.

Candidates and agents were immediately informed and the security personnel explained the security aspects.

Then repair works were made and camera recording resumed at 11 a.m.

Tuesday. Then only candidates and agencies got a sigh of relief.

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