Smart tree in VOC park relocated

The smart tree that enables free Wi-Fi facility at VOC park in Coimbatore was on Tuesday relocated.

Coimbatore has been transformed into a smart city and various development works are being done. As part of it, a Smart Tree with free Wi-Fi facility was set up at the VOC ground two years ago. Solar panels were mounted on the top of the tree to generate 500 watts of electricity per day, which was used to facilitate Wi-Fi and to charge cell phones and laptops.

In this case, the public was not allowed inside the VOC ground to prevent crowds due to the corona. Thus the tree was without use. So the tree is currently being transplanted in front of the Sessions Court for bomb blast cases near the VOC biological park.

According to the corporation officials, “The work of setting up a smart tree near the VOC zoo is in full swing. A concrete platform has been set up around it and work is underway to set up five benches to seat 30 people. Wi-Fi facility will be available within a radius of 500 meters from this tree”.

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