Share market-a tricky game

Many new players have experimented with the share market trading during the last one year due to the pandemic.

If one does not have a proper understanding of the share market, one will lose grounds as it is a little tricky in terms of trading.

Owing to the pandemic, many were at their houses and started to invest their money at hand in the share market.

The trading applications which enable the users to buy and sell prices from anywhere are the trending online business next in line to online gambling.

Due to the Covid situation, few were successful in the beginning and so they started to invest further by availing loans.

Out of these, most of them lost their principal investment itself.

When the share prices fell down, a few who invested in gold, silver and petroleum also faced a severe blow.

Apart from this, there were some who involved themselves in the gamble of cryptocurrency.

In order to compensate the losses faced, they get loans and it further adds up the burden.

Though the pandemic-hit economy plays a major role in all these losses, the reality is that these are the drastic reflections of man’s greed.

If one tries to become rich in a short span of time, one would ultimately turn to rags within a very short period. Instead of investing in unknown businesses, it is safe to invest in small savings.

Though the profit is comparatively less, the principal investment will not be affected in the latter case. 

Share market trading uses excessive money. It is not meant for the common man.

There are very minimal chances for profit if we do not have a proper understanding.

It is not wise to rely on the share market completely.

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