Sewage drain causes trouble to commuters in Gandhipuram

In Coimbatore, people are suffering due to the stench of sewage flowing on the Avarampalayam road next to Gandhipuram causing a lot of trouble to the commuters since yesterday.

It has been raining in Coimbatore city since yesterday morning. Therefore, water has stagnated hither and thither. In this situation, wastewater is flowing out of the sewer located at the entrance of the petrol station operating on Avarampalayam Road near the Government Women’s Polytechnic College signal near Coimbatore Gandhipuram.

As the water in the sewer is getting high due to rain, the sewer water is coming out like this. As a result, wastewater is causing inconvenience to commuters and pedestrians on the road and the surrounding heavily stinks.

The people of the area are demanding the immediate cessation of sewerage leaks as there are hospitals and restaurants nearby, and the road is flooded with sewage in the same area every year during the rainy season and the corporation has to come up with a permanent solution as it is one of the important roads of the city.

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