Severe drought in STR

Severe drought in Satyamangalam Tiger Reserve (STR) forced many wild elephants to come to Bhavanisagar Dam in search of water and fodder (grasses and shrubs grown on the banks of the dam).

The Bhavanisagar Wildlife Sanctuary, which is under the Satyamangalam Tiger Reserve, is a home for large number of wild elephants.

Due to the current drought in the forest, there is a shortage of fodder and the water level in the forest has dried up.

Wild elephants invade the Bhavanisagar Dam reservoir during the day in search of drinking water and fodder.

Last evening, 7 wild elephants left the Karachikorai forest and camped in the orchard area on the banks of the Dam, where they snatched the vines that had grown well in the leaking water of the dam.

As wild elephants camp on the banks of the dam in the evening, the forest department patrolls the area and advises herdsmen, including sheep and cattle, to be extra careful.

They also lamented that wild elephants were camping on the banks of the dam and consuming fodder, making it very difficult for public servants to carry out their daily tasks.

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