Sensational Kodanad murder case : Congress calls for special attention motion in assembly on

The Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly resumed at 10 am today after a 3-day recess.
The discussion on the departmental grant request began. On the first day, there was a discussion on the water sector.
Speaking then, Congress Legislative Party(CLP) Head Selvaperundhagai alleged that the delay in opening the Sembarambakkam Lake in 2015 caused floods in Chennai.

But the opposition leader Edappadi Palanisamy denied the allegations. Selvaperundhagai further said that water would not have stagnated if the waterways had been properly repaired by the AIADMK, which was in power 100 days ago.
MLA Nandakumar responded to Palanisamy’s statement that Chennai was shattered due to 2 hours of rain yesterday. The CLP head once again spoke, “In 2015, after waiting for 4 days, the authorities did not get permission to open the Sembarambakkam Lake.

The city of Chennai was flooded as the excess water was opened after 4 days”. Palanisamy replied that 100 lakes under the Sembarambakkam lake were flooded due to excess water. Pointing to the CAG report, the Finance Minister denied Palanisamy’s remarks. Meanwhile, Selvaperundhagai has called for a special attention motion on the Kodanadu murder case which has caused a stir in Tamil Nadu politics.

The attention motion will be taken up for discussion and the Chief Minister is expected to respond. Selvaperundhagai later met with reporters and questioned, “Why should ADMk’s Jayakumar meet the press regarding the Congress’ attention motion on the Kodanad issue.

If the Kodanad case is in the court then why should Edappadi Palanisamy raise a question about it in the Assembly? Why meet the governor?” He also asserted that they approach the Kodanad issue legally. “We did not meet the governor or panic like the AIADMK.

Without having the morale to legally approach the Kodanad affair, why is the AIADMK opposing the resolution with panic?,” he said while he added that some AIADMK members had pleaded him to take necessary action against the robbery and murder that took place in Kodanad, which was once the administrative centre.

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