Self-imposed curfew

All the nations across the globe have sealed their borders in the wake of the outbreak of the deadly Corona virus. Life in all the major cities in many countries has come to a standstill. Crores of people have already confined themselves to the four walls of their houses.

All the public places where the people move in large numbers have been closed to the public. Festivals and celebrations have been avoided. This kind of emergency, which has crippled normal life all over the world, has not happened after the Second World War.

There cannot be two opinions in according priority to health services. Government employees and those in the health services sector should be more patient while identifying patients, diagnosing them and treating patients affected by the virus without any tension.

The according of mute and heartless welcome to people coming from foreign countries and the mechanical examination of passengers coming by trains should be avoided. These will create a mindset among the public leading to the spread of the virus. Activities in the manufacturing, retail and services sectors will come to a standstill resulting in mounting unemployment. The tourism sector and transport will become defunct.

If the virus spreads to rural areas the farmers will be affected and activities related to agriculture will also be affected. Moreover, people in the unorganized sector and the daily workers will be the most and severely affected. The government should realize that these people do not have any social security.

Following the footsteps of Prime Minister Modi chief ministers of other states should appeal to the public through communication technology to get ready to face the virus and instilling a sense of confidence among them saying that the government will ensure that their normal life will not be affected is a must. Let us heed the appeal of the Prime Minister to follow the janata curfew in letter and spirit.

PM Narendra Modi announced a Covid-19 taskforce that would draw up measures to combat the economic effects of the pandemic, told employers not to cut the pay of staff and called for a “Janata Curfew” on Sunday. He warned of the outbreak’s “wideranging” economic impact, underscoring the need to be prepared.

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