Science day celebrated by planting trees

Hundreds of trees were planted by village youths and locals to protect the environment on the occasion of World Science Day at Vellankoil Sillamadai area near Gobi on Sunday.

February 28 is National Science Day to commemorate the discovery of the ‘Raman effect’ by Nobel Prize-winning physicist Sir CV Raman.

On this day many people are carrying out various events to protect the environment and prevent global warming.

As part of this, village youths and villagers in collaboration with the Min Bodhi Foundation in the village planted many saplings all over the village in collaboration with the villagers in an effort to protect the environment in the village.

Tree guards were also erected around medicinal trees such as mahilam, neem, vilvam and natural ebony iluppai.

They also explained the qualities of each tree and its benefits to the villagers.

Volunteers Selvaraj, Shanmugam-Vellangovil Panchayat Clerk, Gautam and former Panchayat union member Gnanasundaram have planted trees to protect the environment of the village.

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