Schoolgirl stabbed to death in Kerala

Police suspect that the fugitive might have escaped to Coimbatore.

Rajesh, a resident of the Pallivasal area in Idukki district of Kerala, has a 17-year-old daughter Reshma. Reshma is a Class 12 student in Sun Valley Higher Secondary School in Idukki.

She on February 20 did not return from school for a long time and so the parents who panicked lodged a complaint at the Vellathooval Police Station in Idukki. By the time, their relatives along with the police searched for the girl. After some time, she was found dead in a bush near her house.

Traces of being stabbed by a knife was found on her chest. The parents were shocked to see their daughter amidst a pool of blood. A mobile phone was found in the place where Reshma’s body was found. The police were investigating further to trace out the person to whom that mobile phone belonged to.

It was found that it belonged to Anu, one of Reshma’s relatives. Following this, the CCTV footage revealed that Reshma was walking along with Anu. Based on this, the police are in search of Anu but in vain. The police suspect that Anu might have escaped to Tamil Nadu and hence the Kerala Police with the help of Coimbatore police have launched a search operation in Coimbatore.

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