Schemes need to be formulated to educate rural women

The forthcoming government after the Tamil Nadu general assembly election has to formulate many schemes that would cater to the educational needs of rural women. 

In the last few years, Indian women have gained much global significance. Many women of Indian origin are placed in high-ranked positions in many developed countries.

Although this is a matter of excitement and joy, it cannot be denied that violence and oppression against women are also on the rise. The state of rural women has not changed a bit.

The outer world does not know what rural women undergo in their daily life. The rural women face extremely intolerable harassments which include sexual abuse, domestic violence, financial discrimination, dowry issues, female infanticide and so on. 

The main reason for all these is the lack of proper education for rural women.

They are denied higher education because of many reasons like family situation, poverty, irresponsible parents, early marriages, forced labour by discontinuing education and so on.

The state of downtrodden women will improve only if higher education is made mandatory for those women hailing from rural backgrounds. 

Such discriminatory practices could be abolished if we make people understand that education is the primary wealth that a woman can get.

The government that is about to take charge after the assembly election in Tamil Nadu must bring forth many schemes that would address the educational needs of rural women.

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