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While the central government is saying that there are enough oxygen supplies, reports say that agreements are being signed to import 50,000 Metric Tonnes of oxygen supplies from foreign countries. Petitions were filed in the Delhi High Court to combat the shortage of oxygen cylinders in private hospitals across New Delhi.

The Delhi High Court took this as an emergency trial.

A two-judge bench consisting of Justices Vipin Sanghvi and Rekha Balvi who tried the petition questioned the central government for not taking appropriate action to combat the shortage of oxygen, despite assessing the impending danger behind the shortage, which would cost many lives.

The Union Secretary for Industries appeared before the court following a summon. 

Following that, the judges ordered to supply the necessary oxygen to the respective hospitals across Delhi and to the neighbouring states within three hours.

Solicitor General Tushar Mehta who appeared before the court on behalf of the central government assured that necessary actions have been taken in that regard.

Not satisfied by his answers, the judges mentioned with exasperation to ask for oxygen from places that have oxygen backup and ordered to do that immediately.

There are no more words for the judges to express their distress. So there is no other option for the Centre but to ensure seamless supply of oxygen cylinders to the hospitals.

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