Sacrifice in Nagaland

The entire country has been shaken by the incident that took place on Saturday night in the Oting area of ​​Mon district in Nagaland. Security forces shot dead 14 innocent civilians believed to be terrorists.

Four more people also died in the riots that ensued. The dead were all workers of a coal mine. One member of the security forces was killed.

Nagaland Chief Minister Nebu Rio has strongly condemned the incident and ordered a high-level special investigation team to probe the incident.

Union Home Minister Amit Shah has expressed his condolences to the families of the victims. He said a high-level inquiry commission set up by the state government would conduct a full investigation and bring justice to the families of the victims.

The Indian Army has said that the incident was unfortunate and that the army is “deeply saddened” by the incident. However, the killing of innocent civilians by their own security forces is reprehensible, even if it was unintentional.
The slain innocents had no weapons in their hands.

They did not carry out any attacks on the security forces. They should have at least stopped the vehicle to check in case of suspicion.

Whose fault was it that the security forces were unaware of the intelligence report that the coal mine workers would come that way as usual? Usually, reports would say that the terrorists fired and the security forces shot them in retaliation.

That is not the case in Nagaland. It is not the intention of the security forces to kill innocent lives, yet a terrible flaw has occurred. There is no doubt about it.

In this regard, Congress MP Rahul Gandhi took to his Twitter handle and said, This is heart wrenching. GOI must give a real reply. What exactly is the home ministry doing when neither civilians nor security personnel are safe in our own land?”

In a way, all those who died in the gunfire should be considered that they have indirectly sacrificed their lives for the country.

What else can be said? The high-level committee should investigate and take appropriate action.
Proper justice and maximum relief should be made available to the families of the deceased!

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