Ryots told to produce more traditional paddy varieties

Informing that some section of ryots in the delta region alone were cultivating traditional paddy varieties, Collector C Kathiravan advised the ryots of Erode district to raise such seeds more and follow the natural farm technology to get more benefit.

Inaugurating the traditional paddy seeds expo, organized by the Uzhavan farmer producer company at Gobi, he welcomed distribution of 2 kg traditional paddy seeds to each ryot, visiting the expo today, with asking them to return it as 4 kg in next year’s expo.

He advised the ryots to use the scheme fully to raise the traditional paddy varieties in more areas in the district. Then he inquired about the salient features of various traditional varieties like Mappillai Samba, Thuyamalli Seeraga Samba, Iluppaipoo Samba, Sornamasuri, Athur Kichili Samba, Karunguruvai Bavani varieties etc.

The company vice president D Venkatesvaran said that seeds of 174 varieties were kept in the expo which was part of 14th annual national paddy festival held in the state. The expo was held to popularize such varieties, its medicinal effect, nutrient values, taste, profit, and thus protect them from extinction.

The expo was also held to promote organic farm technology among the ryots. Create president Duraisingam, PA (agri) to Collector Murugesan, and many functionaries of turmeric, sugar cane and LBP farmers associations attended the function.

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