Ryots stage stir against LBP concretisation plan

More than 500 people, including women farmers and the general public, took to the streets for the fifth day in protest against the proposed concretisation project in the Lower Bhavani Project (LBP) canal at Nallampatti, near Perundurai.

They have announced that if the project is not abandoned within next 7 days, there will be a huge struggle at Perundurai and the support given by the farmers to the government will be withdrawn.

They said that 2.07 lakh acres of arable lands are directly irrigated by the Lower Bhavani Canal which runs for 124 km from Bhavanisagar Dam in Erode District to Mangalapatti in Karur District.

Besides, over 1 lakh acre and hundreds of ponds and tanks were getting water indirectly.

The Tamil Nadu and the Central governments have allocated Rs. 740 crore for the modernization of the canal, following the ryots complained that the tail end areas of the canal did not get water in time.

Based on this, the Prime Minister laid the foundation stone of the Tamil Nadu government’s plan to modernise the canal at a function held at Coimbatore last week.

foundation at the Modi Participation Ceremony held in Coimbatore last week.

Though the project would ensure easy flow of water to tail end area, it would check seepages from the canal affecting the water source of hundreds of tanks and ponds in the ayacut districts of Erode, Karur and Tiruppur districts.

So, over 1 lakh acre would not get water facility and many villages face drinking water shortage.

Altogether, over 50 lakh people would be hit. So, they wanted to withdraw the concretisation plan immediately.

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