Ryots assn plea to waive jewel loan fully

TN small and marginal ryots association president KR Sudantararasu appealed to the government to waive ryots jewel loans in the coop banks fully with out fixing a ceiling of 6 sovereign limit.

He said that co-operative banks have been asked to waive jewelery loans up-to 6 sovereign, taken by farmers and agricultural workers till February 2. To help ryots more, the loan waiver be made without ceiling, he pleaded.

He also demanded Minimum Support Price for all agricultural products, Rs 100 per liter as procurement price of milk, hike in the government subsidy for setting up of drip irrigation be increased to Rs. 1.50 lakhs.

The attempt to acquire agricultural land for the gas pipeline project should be abandoned. The outstanding compensation should be paid immediately to the farmers who donated land for the TNEB towerline project.

Farmers’ loans, livestock loans and non-farm loans obtained from cooperative and nationalized banks should be waived.

Abandon the 8-lane road project and the plan to lay a concrete floor in the LBP canal.

Turmeric and tapioca board should be set up in Erode and Rasipuram areas. Free electricity scheme should continu.

All Irrigation schemes in Tamil Nadu should be duly surveyed. Parties accepting these demands will be supported in the Legislative Assembly poll, he opined.

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