Ryots Assn meeting held thru online

Erode :
Tamil Nadu Farmers Association meeting was held through online. State Vice President AM Munuswamy, District President S. Muthusamy and State Chairman T. Raveendran spoke.

They said in Satyamangalam and Gobi areas, flowers like arali, jasmine, mullai, sampanki, merrigold etc are cultivated in 20,000 acres.

Due to curfew, weddings, the temple ceremonies and the non-operation of the scent production factories, 25 tonnes of flowers are not sold daily, causing a loss of over Rs 15 lakh to ryots.

Though the flowers are not sold, the ryots plucked the flowers by spending much to protect the plants and dumped it in the ponds.

Therefore, the ryots should be given a compensation of Rs. 25,000 per acre. The government should provide investment credit to the units that produce scents, arrange for opening of such units, buy flowers and sell it to other states.

The government should take steps to provide reasonable prices to farmers who produce fruits, vegetables and coconuts.

Through the administration of Aavin, full quantity of milk should be procured from ryots and provided free of cost by the Government to corona patients.Action should be taken by Aavin to settle its dues to ryots without delay, they pleaded.

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