Rs 450 crore Athikadavu Avinasi Water Project Part 2 on anvil:KAS

The Tamil Nadu government has approved a Rs 450 crore project to implement the Athikkadavu Avinashi Water Part-2 project, said Education Minister KA Senkottayan.

He campaigned yesterday in various villages including Malaiyapalayam in Nambiyur Union in his Gobichettipalayam constituency.

He said: The Tamil Nadu government is allocating Rs. 1640 crore to implement the 60 year dream Athikadavu Avinashi project of the farmers.

Through this a large number of ponds will be filled with Bhavani surplus water. In which Nambiyur Union will benefit much.

However, we have prepared a new project at a cost of Rs. 450 crore under Part-2 to add the excluding ponds in the project.

Accordingly, all the ponds will be added to the scheme soon. We had planned to complete the project by March and fill the ponds with water.

But workers from states like Bihar and Uttar Pradesh have returned due to the Corona issue. So there has been a delay in completing the tasks.

Today, however, the work will be completed in four months and all the ponds will be filled. Normally, it takes a day to dig the ground upto 50 feet depth.

There are rocks as hard as that in the area. Bhavani water will be pumped from the Kalingarayanpalayam by motor by fitting five and a half feet diameter pipes.

Bhavani is about 150 km from here. That is why project work is currently underway amidst various difficult endeavors. The work will be completed in four months and the overflowing water of the river will be filled in the dry ponds here.

Thus the ground water level will rise. There will always be no water problem. The project will provide adequate water for agriculture.

Seeking the approval of the Central Government to inscribe 1330 Thirukkural in your Malayapalayam hills, the state government has written a letter. Once such approval is received, the work will be completed, he said.

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