Rs 25,000 subsidy for buying auto at Erode

Education Minister KA Senkottayan said that when the AIADMK comes back to power eligible persons will be given a Rs 25,000 subsidy to buy an auto with giving proper training to get driving licenses, which will enable a large number of employment opportunities.

Campaigning at Elathur in his Gobi segment on Tuesday, he said that all students will be provided with nutritious breakfast and milk so that the welfare of the students will be protected.

Now, students upto 8th std were being given nutritious food and it would be given to students studying up-to plus 2.

All handloom weavers loan upto Rs1 lakh will be waived to remove the debt burden of the weavers.

All the loans taken by the SC/STs through TAHDCO will be fully waived.

Before coming to power, Rs. 12110 crores farm loan, besides women SHG loans and jewelery loans were waived, he noted.

Block Secretaries Eeswaramoorthy, Thambi alias Subramani, Sidco former Chairman Sindhu Ravichandran, Elathur Secretary Cheran Saravanan were present at the event.

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