Rs 200 fine for those who do not wear masks: Chennai and Coimbatore intensify COVID rules

The Chennai and Coimbatore administrations have intensified their COVID rules ahead of the surge in the number of cases. Wearing masks is made mandatory, which would lead to a fine of Rs 200.

The Chennai Corporation has also announced that a fine of Rs 500 will be imposed for littering in public places and that those who violate the COVID guidelines will also be penalised. COVID 19 is spreading in Tamil Nadu rapidly and especially in the last one month, the state has been hit by a second wave of the coronavirus spread.

Not wearing masks in public places, not adhering to the social distancing norms and overcrowding are the major reasons behind the rapid surge. The rate of new infections in the state is increasing day by day and as of now, it is peaking at 4500 cases per day, while in Chennai it is 1500 cases per day.

When the corona epidemic broke out in Tamil Nadu last year, the number of infections in the Koyambedu market increased exponentially due to the crowds that gathered on the same day. Since then, due to the efforts of the Chennai Corporation, Health Department and the Health Secretary, the number of infections has been reduced in many areas of Chennai. Infection was minimized by detecting clusters of contagious areas and treating them directly and isolating the area.

Infection was minimized by identifying clusters of contagious areas and treating them directly and isolating the area. Chennai Corporation has reduced the number of people suffering from fever by setting up fever camps and distributing zinc tablets, health drinks (kabasura kudineer), corona test, mask distribution and door-to-door flu testing.

The public was urged to remain vigilant even if the situation returned to normal after January. The number of infections also decreased. In this situation, after last March, the number of infections in Chennai, which was below 200, suddenly started rising again. The Secretary of Health conducted an investigation and warned.

He warned of the re-emergence of cluster-infected areas in Chennai, urging people to wear masks. The number of infections at that time was around 400. It has again decided to conduct fever camps in 200 wards in Chennai and conduct house-to-house flu tests. In this situation, the Tamil Nadu government announced the corona prevention rules yesterday. Safety procedures and restrictions were imposed to remove relaxations.

In this situation, the Chennai Corporation has advised the public to follow the corona prevention rules. New restrictions have been brought back. Accordingly, in Chennai, a fine of Rs 200 will be imposed on those who walk in public without wearing a mask, a fine of Rs 500 will be imposed for spitting in public places and a fine of up to Rs 5,000 will be imposed on companies, shops, gyms, spas and salons for violating the state’s corona prevention rules.

The corporation has ordered to set a target for this zone wise. It has also been announced that action will be taken to close and seal the companies violating the Corona rules. The public is advised to follow the safety procedures announced by the government to prevent the spread of corona infection. Similarly, corona spread prevention measures have been intensified in Coimbatore. In Coimbatore, a fine of Rs 200 will be imposed for not wearing a face shield, said Kumaravel Pandian, the Corporation Commissioner.

It will be keenly checked whether the regulations being duly complied with as the entire city of Coimbatore is being closely monitored and those who do not wear face masks will be fined. Likewise, the Lieutenant Governor of Puducherry Dr Tamilisai Saundarajan has warned that a fine of Rs 100 will be imposed for not wearing a face mask.

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