Retired headmaster clears NEET at 64

Munusamy Subramanian, a retired government school headmaster from Chennai Perungudi, has passed the NEET examination at the age of 64.

He appeared for the NEET exam on September 12. As per the results of the examination, Munuswamy has passed with a score of 348 out of 720 marks.

Munusamy said that he has scored 82.83% in the NEET examination and is already trying his best to get a place in the Government Medical College as his entire education right from primary school to graduation was in government institutions.

Munusamy also said that he was an example of what can be achieved at any age and advised parents not to make any wrong decisions on students who fail the exam.

Munuswamy is confident that he will get a place in a government medical college and is ready to study undergraduate medicine.

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