Report on farm laws have to be made public: SC Panel

“We have filed a report in complete favour of the farmers,” said Anil Ghanwat, one of the panellists appointed by the Supreme Court to review the agricultural laws brought in by the central government.The apex court in January appointed a three-member panel to study and report on the three agricultural laws introduced by the central government.

The panel, in consultation with various agricultural organizations, farmers and state governments submitted a report on agricultural laws, to the Supreme Court last March.
In a letter to the Chief Justice of India Ramana yesterday, AnilGhanwat, a member of Satkeri Sangitana organization, said, “The Supreme Court does not seem to give importance to the report we have submitted. The details of the report should be made known to the public.

He also said, “The report we have studied and filed on the three agricultural laws will be 100 percent favourable to farmers. Instead of putting this report on hold, the Supreme Court should release it..

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