Remdisivir sales suspended in Coimbatore: People staged a protest

At the Coimbatore Government Medical College, the public staged a road blockade following the suspension of the sale of the drug ‘Remdesivir’ on Monday.

Remdesivir has been on sale to the public since May 9 at the Government Medical College, Peelamedu, Coimbatore. Every day a large number of people began to gather on the hospital premises to buy the medicine. Thus, there was a risk of spreading the infection.

Subsequently, the drug was sold on a token basis with a breakdown of 50 people per day. On Sunday, the government revised the protocol for the sale of the drug and announced that hospitals will have to send their representatives to the designated centres to collect it for patients from May 18.

A notice was put up at the gate of the hospital on Monday stating that the sale of the drug was stopped. People who were unaware of the closure got agitated and staged a protest. The protesters said that the government did not make any arrangements to ensure the availability of the drug on Monday.

According to reports, they were sent by private hospitals where their relatives were undergoing treatment for COVID-19.

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