Relish reading; Breathe reading!

When asked which was the greatest invention of man, Albert Einstein replied, “Book”. Books are the ones that would heal a wounded mind and energise a weary psyche.

Though there are concerns that the reading habit is diminishing nowadays, it cannot be denied that books are sold in large numbers in the book fairs every year.

It is a good sign that kids also do buy books along with elders. But the million-dollar question is how many of those who buy books actually read?

Some just buy books and pile them up for the sake of pride and they forget those books when the next expo comes. True book lovers will understand that books are not for piling up but for reading.

To revive the reading habit is the responsibility of all of us. What should we do about that? We must make reading an everyday routine.

We should make it a point that we read at least a few pages every day like brushing, bathing and eating. It is not enough that we make this resolution.

We should also introduce this habit to our children as well. Winston Churchill once said that the greatest gift given to children is a book. 

We must encourage the children to read by buying them good books according to their age. We must allot a particular time for that. We must encourage the reading habit by conducting reading contests among kids and by giving small prizes. 

The next generation is slowly receding away from the feel of touching a book and reading. Reading on mobile phones becomes their priority.

It is the duty of the elders to introduce the taste of reading to the children. Let’s relish reading-
Lets breathe reading!

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