Relief assistance must be provided

Production increases if there is a record in the collection of goods and services tax.

The trade level is balanced.

This means that the purchasing power of the people increases somewhat.

However, the collection is likely to close in the current financial year ending March.

This is the revenue from sales, distribution and production till March.

But the second wave of the coronavirus has taken its surge since April.

The curfew and restrictions are as fast as ever, with more intensity than the first wave.

In Tamil Nadu, night curfew and full curfew have been imposed on Sundays.

Now vegetable and grocery stores should be open only until 12 noon.

With so many restrictions being put in place, such as the need to close all other shops, jobs will be facing a severe blow especially those involving physical labour.

Unemployment in India rose to 7.4% in April, according to a nationwide survey by the Indian Economic Survey.

It is at risk of rising to 8%.

Now more than 1 crore people in urban and rural areas have lost their jobs and are without a livelihood. How many more people will lose their jobs in the coming months is unknown.

Therefore, the central government should increase spending on various projects in the coming years.

The government can provide some employment to the people by implementing the schemes.

More money should be allocated for the 100-day work program.

Like earlier, relief aid should provide all kinds of credit financing not only to the middle and lower class people but also to revive small informal businesses.

With the induction of MK Stalin as the first Chief Minister today, the first order will be to provide Rs. 4,000 as a relief to rice ration card holders who lost their livelihood during the pandemic.

The announcement that the female heads of the family will be given Rs.1000 per month will definitely be very helpful.

The demand of the people today is that the central government, like MK Stalin, should provide relief to all those affected by this second wave.

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