Rehab Clinics in Chengalpattu

JOGO Health an organization specializing in digital therapeutics launched three comprehensive rehabilitation clinics in Chengalpattu.

The Health secretary of Tamil Nadu, Dr. J. Radhakrishnan IAS, inaugurated the clinics to public and addressed the gathering of over 150 medical professionals and the media.

These three clinics set up in three different multispecialty hospitals in Chengalpattu will deliver world class digital therapy and benefit the public of this region immensely.

Dr. O.V. Jayakumar, Dr. Akilan, Dr. M.C. Arumugam, and Dr. A.M. Indira, the Directorial leaders of Jeevan Hospital, JSP Hospital, and Sai Fertility & Maternity Hospital respectively were present during the inauguration event.

Mr. Sanjai Murali, Founder and CEO, JOGO Health said “While clinical evidence gave us confidence, new therapeutic modality needs the support of experienced doctors to deliver benefits to patients.
We are fortunate to have found many like-minded visionaries in Dr. O.V. Jayakumar, Dr. Akilan, Dr. M.C. Arumugam, and Dr. Akilan – to set up the very first JOGO Comprehensive Rehab Clinic (JCRC) in India..”

“A path breaking technology like JOGO Digital Therapy, needed brilliant minds and people with foresight, to make it a mainstream healthcare service. We feel vindicated with the gesture of Dr. J. Radhakrishnan IAS, who encourages technology that benefits public” said Mr. Shanmugapriyan, Chief Strategist, SE Asia, JOGO Health.

The Clinical Director of JOGO Health, Mr. Shyam Ramamurthy, Dr. O.V. Jayakumar, a noted pediatrician and Director of Jeevan Hospital spoke on the occasion.

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