Refrain from political games

The death of more than 50 patients in Capital New Delhi within 24 hours due to the shortage of oxygen, cannot be taken on a lighter note. The doctors fear that the prevailing shortage of oxygen in the northern states is likely to increase. 

The coronavirus infected patients can be classified into mild and severely affected categories.

Allocating them with the wards is the most devastating situation ever.

There is a shortage of everything including doctors, oxygen, and beds. While the oppositions kept warning about the impending second wave of COVID 19, what did the central government do as a precautionary measure? Oxygen is very essential for COVID patients.

Didn’t the Centre realise that there was a dire need to increase the oxygen backup well in advance?

The central government should have shown interest in developing the fundamental infrastructures such as medical facilities in Delhi instead of focussing on capturing the administrative power of Delhi.

It is appreciable that many countries including Britain have come forward to extend their help to us.

But at the same time, the activities of the central government are shocking. It is helping other countries while our citizens are dying due to lack of oxygen.

Likewise, the decisions of the Centre and the Tamil Nadu government regarding the vaccines are also not satisfying. 
As there is not enough awareness, people are not volunteering themselves to get the first and second shot of the vaccines.

Hence we would like to urge the ruling BJP government to refrain from their political games and focus on the growth of the nation.

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