Recurring corona

The number of COVID cases in Maharashtra, Kerala, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat and Karnataka are rapidly increasing.

The Ministry of Home Affairs has said that 86% of the total cases in India belong to these states.

Though we are not aware of the intensity of the spread in Tamil Nadu, the central government had sent a committee to inspect the situation.

The committee conducted research in districts like Chennai, Thiruvallur and Chengalpattu. 

The cases in certain districts were increasing daily.

In Chennai, five to six cases were registered in approximately 1000 streets every day.

Now there is no fear of the spread that was in the people’s minds when the surge was at a peak.

Most people do not wear masks. Many have forgotten what is social distancing.

The only wise way to break away the chain of the virus spread is the vaccine.

People are provided with vaccines in almost 2000 government hospitals and 620 private hospitals in Tamil Nadu. 

In the beginning, the reception for the Covaxin was not at a level equal to that of the Covishield vaccine.

That was because the final results of the third phase of testing for Covaxin were not published.

But our Prime Minister Narendra Modi daringly got a jab of Covaxin.

In this situation, the trial data of Covaxin is out now.

The third phase of the trial says that the Covaxin which has 81% of interim efficacy is capable of preventing the mutated coronavirus as well.

As of now, the Government of India has instructed the hospitals to provide the facility of vaccination from 9 am to 5 pm and if needed, it can be extended up to 24 hours. 

It has been said that the antibodies that are required to combat the infection will be produced in our body after 14 days of vaccination.

In this context, to prevent the second wave of the virus spread in Tamil Nadu, people above 60 years of age and those above 45 years of age with comorbidities should be vaccinated. 

People should follow social distancing and wear masks for at least 2 years from now.

The government should take strict action against those who do not follow these rules.

Therefore the government and the people should jointly work on a war footing to make Tamil Nadu corona free.

We must combat the coronavirus that keeps recurring.

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