Reason for the setback in Olympics

We always boast about ourselves saying that we are capable of everything. But we are not able to win in the Olympics. What is the reason behind this setback?

The fact is that we lack training and effort when compared to other countries. We have a separate central ministry for Sports.

Had these ministries functioned efficiently, we would have ranked higher on the medal board. But we couldn’t. Why? There are a lot of talented young men and women in our country.

But we have to give appropriate training for them so that they get prepared to face the games.

We have to encourage them. Poor students have to be given nutritious food.

The physical education directors have to pick the talented students right from the time of school and college itself and provide them with rigorous training along with nutritious food.

Usually, students who excel in sports lag in their studies.

Such students have to be given special coaching so that they get through their exams as well. We must not fail them in their academics. If we do so, they will fail in sports as well.

Hence, sports enthusiasts, if identified in the early stage and given appropriate coaching, will for sure excel in sports. The players must not be ‘detained’ in childhood itself.

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