Reason for cancelling Plus 2 exams- Anbil Mahesh explains

Minister for School Education Anbil Mahesh Poyyamozhi on Sunday, has explained why the class 12 exams were cancelled.

He said, “There have been various discussions over the last two months regarding the e Class 12 public examination. The Tamil Nadu government was ready to hold the examination at any time. In a statement issued by Prime Minister Modi on January 1, he had announced that the Plus 2 exams for CBSE students would be cancelled.

A special committee has been set up to decide on the assessment of marks for those students”. He also said that the government of Tamil Nadu is of the view that the future of the students is as important to Tamil Nadu as their health. “Due to this, it was decided to consult all the parties without making any decision at the outset.

For the past two days, academicians, students, parents and legislators from all parties have been consulted. This was followed by consultation with medical professionals. Everybody unanimously said that they would support any decision taken by the government to protect the health of students,” said the minister. He also added that there were some in the consultative meeting who opposed the cancellation of the Plus 2 exam if it would bring in entrance exams including NEET.

Based on the comments thus heard from various quarters, Chief Minister Stalin has issued a notice of cancellation of the Plus 2 examination in the interest of the students. A committee comprising the Principal Secretary of School Education, the Secretary of Higher Education, the Vice Chancellor of Madras University and the Headmasters of the school has been constituted to discuss and decide the scoring pattern of Plus 2 students.

Announcements will be made regarding the awarding of marks to Plus 2 students on the basis of their report, said Minister Anbil Mahesh.

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