RDO inspects sealed dyeing units

Erode RDO Saibudin inspected the sealed dyeing units at Erode Vendipalayam yesterday whether they take steps to adhere to the TNPCB norms.

It may be recalled that many dyeing and bleaching units were working in Erode, Vendipalayam, Konavaikkal, and Kuppakkadu etc.

There were constant complaints that untreated effluents from these units were being discharged regularly through underground pipes to the Kalingarayan irrigation canal.

In this regard, 2 months back TNPCB officials inspected the units operating in the affected areas and sealed 30 units for discharging waste water in the canal.

In this case, some of the sealed workshops prepare to comply with the rules and seek permission to operate again through court.

So, the RDO Saibudhin conducted an inspection whether they follow safety measures as per the TNPCB norms.

Commenting on this, he said that the true condition of the units which were sealed as per the court order was examined in collaboration with the TNPCB officials and the TNEB. 8 of the 30 dyeing units were ordered to close permanently.

Therefore, the study was carried out in the remaining workshops.

A study report will be prepared in this regard and filed in the Court, he said.

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