RDO holds election meeting

A consultative meeting on election process was held with all political party representatives at the Gobi RDO Office under the chairmanship of RDO Palani Devi.

She advised political parties and candidates contesting the elections to campaign without interrupting the public and students welfare and not to campaign through loudspeakers near schools, temples, mosques and churches.

It was advised that the campaign should be carried out in accordance with the rules announced by the Election Commission. Campaign meetings and campaign vehicles should get prior permission and wall advertisements should be approved by the owners.

She also called on the respective parties to remove flagpoles and political party name plates.

She said that only five people should go with candidate during campaigns and warned that legal action would be taken if the norm is violated.

This was followed by a consultative meeting for wedding hall owners and hostel owners.

She said police should be informed if foreigners and expatriates were staying in hostels and marriage halls will be sealed if election meetings are allowed without prior permission from the officials.

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