Rathinam Group inaugurates AI, Machine Learning centre, signs MoU


Rathinam Group of Institutions, Coimbatore signed aMoU with Orbit Shifters India Pvt Ltd., Hyderabad in the virtual platform, and inaugurated RathinamCenter of Excellence for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning on May 29.

Students will work on real-life use cases and they will be guided to carry out a project on Artificial Intelligence (AI) with the detailed review comments and detailed grading of the submissions, college officials.

They added that the areas of application of the tools and techniques would include, video analytics in sports, building a fraud detection toolkit, sensor malfunction prediction, Deep Learning based Sentiment Analyzer, Real Time Analytics of IoTSensorData, Sentiment analysis of social media, classification of images for industrial safety, understanding E-commerce customer segmentation, soil testing end to end Bank Chatbot from scratch in Python, Water Turbidity Test, Student Attendance System using Video Analytics.

Further they include, Custom Chatbot with deep learning-based intent classification, end to end sentiment classification of twitter with deep learning and NLP, video analytics for instance segmentation, automatic captioning of images with encoder-decoder architecture and Human activity recognition with machine learning.

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