Rare opportunity!

During the reign of Kalaignar Karunanidhi, the weight of the dam was increased by filling it with 12 thousand tons of concrete without changing the existing design as the weight of the Mullaiperiyar dam was the main reason for the withstanding capacity of its gravitational force.

In the case of earthquakes, safety features have been increased as steel rods have been inserted.

Further, the Supreme Court allowed the raising of the dam to 142 feet only after a panel of experts from the Central Water Resources Department, independent of the states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala, expressed satisfaction with the safety measures.

Even if the water level is set at 152 feet, only 10.57 TMC of water will be stored. The capacity of Idukki Dam, known as the largest arch dam in Asia, is 70 TMC which is 7 times higher than Mullaiperiyar Dam.

Therefore, the people of the state should be afraid of the Idukki Dam built by the Government of Kerala in 1976 as it has a higher water-storage capacity than the other small dams.

Kerala politicians say there was an elephant-sized hole in the Mullaiperiyar Dam in the 1980s. The dam, which was opened in 1895 due to a hole in their eye, is still in no danger.

The gravity dam built by Pennyquick with a mixture of chert, limestone, etc. can actually be many times stronger than concrete dams.

Fortunately, there is currently a cordial relationship between the two heads of state. The Government of Tamil Nadu will do its best if the Government of Kerala cooperates with proper maintenance work, including the felling of trees, to strengthen the Baby Dam.

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