Rapid surge in COVID cases in Chennai, door to door tests to be conducted

Chennai Corporation has started fever camps again as a preventive measure against the rapid spread of corona in Chennai.

The Chennai Municipal Corporation has started the process of conducting door to door inspections from today. The spread of corona in Tamil Nadu is increasing rapidly. The corona infection has been spreading rapidly for the second time in the last month. Corona infection is spreading rapidly due to the public not wearing a face mask, having no social distance in public places, and not adhering to safety guidelines.

The number of daily coronavirus cases in Tamil Nadu is increasing to 4000. In the capital, Chennai, the number of infections is rising daily from 1,400 to 1,500. When the corona epidemic broke out in Tamil Nadu last year, there was a sudden surge in the number of infections in Chennai when people exponentially gathered in a shopping mall in Koyambedu on the same day.

Since then, due to the efforts of the Chennai Corporation Health Department and the Health Secretary, the number of infections has been reduced in many areas of Chennai which have become major epidemics. Infection was minimized by identifying clusters of contagious areas and treating them directly and isolating the area.

Chennai Corporation has reduced the number of people suffering from fever by setting up fever camps and distributing zinc tablets, health drinks (kabasura kudineer), corona test, mask distribution and door-to-door flu testing. The public was urged to remain vigilant even if the situation returned to normal after January.

The number of infections also decreased. In this situation, after last March, the number of infections in Chennai, which was below 200, suddenly started rising again. The Secretary of Health conducted an investigation and warned. He warned of the re-emergence of cluster-infected areas in Chennai, urging people to wear masks.

The number of infections at that time was around 400. However, the number of infections has risen sharply to more than 1,400 as of yesterday, with no one taking preventive action due to routine negligence during the election campaign. In Tamil Nadu, the corona impact was close to 4,000 yesterday.

The maximum number of people affected is 1,459 in Chennai. 6 people were killed. So far 2 lakh 57 thousand 851 people have been affected by corona infection in Chennai. Of this 2 lakh 42 thousand 880 people have fully recovered. 10, 685 people are currently being treated in government hospitals. So far 4, 286 people have died without treatment. Of the 23,77,375 passengers who have flown to Chennai so far from 24,684 flights from overseas, 425 are infected with the corona infection and Chennai is fast moving towards the old level of 1500 vulnerabilities per day.

In this situation, the Chennai Corporation has decided to intensify the corona prevention activities as the election activities are over. It has again decided to conduct fever camps in 200 wards in Chennai and conduct house-to-house flu tests. Accordingly, the Chennai Corporation has started the work from today. Chennai Corporation employees have been tasked to conduct house-to-house flu tests and to diagnose those with new symptoms of the corona, such as diarrhoea and vomiting.

They go door-to-door and do body temperature tests to identify people with symptoms. They will spread awareness about the mask and personal space. Those over the age of 45 who have not been vaccinated will be identified and urged to be vaccinated. Box Corona targets those between 30 and 39 years of age In Chennai, people between the ages of 30 and 39 are most affected by corona. The corporation says it attacks men in particular. Corona infection is accelerating day by day in Tamil Nadu. In Chennai, 1,459 people were affected by corona yesterday.

In Chennai, 20.14 % of 30 to 39-year-olds, 18.37 % of 40 to 49-year-olds, 17.97 % of 50 to 59-year-olds, 17.93 % of 20 to 29-year-olds and 11.13 % of 60 to

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