PWD bars tourists at Kodiveri dam

Kodiveri Dam near Gobichettipalayam has been closed to tourists due to flood waters.
When the water level of the Bavanisagar dam reaches 100 feet due to continuous rains in the Nilgiris district, the catchment area of ​​the Bhavanisagar Dam, the main water source of Erode district, the excess water of 6700 cusecs coming into the dam is completely discharged in the Bavani river.

Excess water reached Kodiveri Dam near Gobichettipalayam on Monday.
So, the Public Works Department has imposed a complete ban on tourists visiting the dam due to flood situation.
The public works department has also banned tourists from taking bath at the dam, moving in parisals, and taking selfies on their cell phones.

Kadatur and Bangalapudhur police are on high alert to prevent passers-by on both sides of the Kodiveri Dam. People on the banks of the river have been advised by the Public Works Department not to let cattle graze in river bed and to stay safe as the river was overflowing.

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